Candy By Number Kit

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Candy by Number Kit

Remember when you were young- and you would color by number? 
You would follow all the numbers to add the right color to the right box - and when you were done - you had an amazing colorful picture!
Now you can do it with CANDY!
How does it work?
We send you a 8 x11 picture frame, a color by number picture, glue, and the candy you will need to complete the project. (approximately 3/4lb.) 
We actually send a little extra candy - just in case.
Sound super fun? 😁
There is a video link for tips and tricks to create your candy picture.
Who is this for?
Anyone who wants to have fun!
Send to a niece, nephew, grandkid, neighbor, or your friends.
Have a party and invite your associate or your downline for some creative fun.
It is the perfect gift for a grab bag or Yankee swap.


A 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star treat!

Who is this perfect for?
Kids on the holidays or winter break- a fun creative task.
Adults - I had a blast making this!
If you are hosting the party. Be the Party Queen! ♛
Your family party - Who's the best aunt now? 🥰
Or just have some family fun.
Use your creativity to make a stunning treat with the kiddos! 👪
Send it to your grandchildren! Who's the best Grandma now? 👵
Be a GIFT Hero! 🦸‍♀️

It's amazing to be able to celebrate together! Let's Party!!!!



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