Sour Candy Subscription Box

Sour Candy Subscription Box

Regular price $24.99

Are your taste buds tingling with anticipation?
Well, pucker up buttercup!
You'll love the Sour Candy Lover's Box!
Get ready to satisfy your cravings for sweet-yet-tangy delicacies, Because each month we deliver classic and unique sour candies right to your doorstep!

Drool over the variety that come in 2 full-size boxes – enough to share with friends or family. Unlike other candy subscriptions, each box also comes with a shareable candy bag filled with both types of candy.
Plus a letter providing fun facts about each candy, a limited edition sticker, and an extra surprise gift or craft every month.

Who says you can't indulge responsibly? Treat yourself (or someone else) monthly with the Sour Candy Lover's Box. It's an easy way to spread cheer and bring endless joy!


Subscription Box Breakdown

Monthly Subscription - $24.99/month + shipping

  • Monthly Sour Candy Box
  • Personalized Card with 1st box
  • Giftable share bag
  • Boxes ship on the 15th of the month.
  • Monthly cut-off 1st of the month.

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