12 Valentine's Activities for ANYONE

12 Valentine Activities for every special person in your life


Valentine's day is for everyone, your love, your extended family, your friends and more! You do not need to be in a romantic relationship to spread a little love and cheer but if you are, make sure you put in the effort to make each and every day memorable. 

1. Spa Day

Book a day at your local spa OR DIY at home with face masks, bubbly drinks, light appetizers, etc.
2. Tourism 
Have a staycation and be a tourist in your own town OR get in your car, brush the dust off of your map and explore a new place.
3. Get Active
Go rock climbing indoors or outdoors, take a yoga class together, go for a hike, take a walk, or visit an hourly hot tub and sauna. Dance it out! Go ice skating or mini golfing!
4. Enjoy the outdoors?
Star gazing, hiking, bonfires, or even visiting a botanical garden are just a few ideas!
Write down random questions or scenarios, grab a snack and a drink and ask away! Write each other a sweet note or your favorite memories and then share. Bust out your old photographs and take a walk down memory lane!
6. Eat! (or drink)
Food connects people and there are so many things you could do beside just going out to eat - take a cooking class or mixology together (this can be virtual too), go to your local grocery store and pick out "special" ingredients, take it back home and make a new recipe together using those ingredients. Go to a new brewery or wine shop. Rock, paper, scissors a progressive dinner!
7. Enjoy music?
Turn up the music and dance with each other or blast a karaoke night! Attend a concert - stuck inside? Stream a virtual concert!
8. Creative Crafting
Grab a canvas and some paint and host your own paint night, make your own candles or make a fort - you're never too old to make a fort at home!
9. Shopping
Shopping on a budget or just for fun doesn't have to cost a lot. Go to your local thrift store and pick out an outfit for the other to wear. Or window shop and rate which window is most cringe worthy versus Oscar winning. 
10. Spread the love
Volunteer together or pay the kindness forward to a stranger!
11. Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunts can be made with notes, at home, outside, downtown, in a shopping mall - literally anywhere! And they are so much fun!
12. Stay Home!
Grab a puzzle or host a movie night with popcorn, candy, etc, or even bust out your games from the game closet and let your competitive streak show!

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