5 Spooktacular Halloween Candy Crafts

It's officially October...and you know what that means! 

This is obviously one of our favorite times of year – because it's all about CANDY. So, we've created a list of fun ways to transform your Halloween candy... into decor, party favors, or just a fun family activity.

(We think candy should be involved in everything...and that's especially true during Spooky season! 🎃👻)

1. Candy Wreaths

You'll need: Styrofoam wreaths (you can get these at the craft store!), a hot glue gun, assorted halloween candy 

 Start with a foam wreath form and use hot glue to attach a variety of wrapped candies, like mini chocolate bars, colorful lollipops, and candy corn. For a finishing touch, tie a festive ribbon around the wreath and hang it up to welcome trick-or-treaters.

2. Candy Spider Treats

You'll need: Marshmallows or gum drops, black licorice, edible glue or melted chocolate, candy eyes (optional)

Craft spooky candy spiders that double as party favors or decorations. Use large gumdrops or marshmallow balls as the spider bodies and attach eight black licorice strings as legs using edible glue or melted chocolate. Add candy eyes to give your creepy-crawly creatures some personality.

3. Spooky Ghost Lollipops

You'll need: large lollipops, white tissue paper, orange ribbon or string, a black marker

They're spooky...and actually kind of adorable.  Wrap a large lollipop (like a Tootsie Pop) in a square of white tissue paper. (Or just use a regular tissue!) Secure the tissue with a small piece of orange ribbon or string. Then, using a black marker, draw on a spooky face. These ghostly treats are so easy to make – and they make great favors for kid's parties!

4. Candy Corn Centerpiece

You'll need: a clear vase, a bag of candy corn, battery-operated led lights

Create a striking Halloween centerpiece using everyone's favorite halloween treat: candy corn! Fill a clear glass vase or jar with layers of candy corn, alternating with battery-operated LED string lights. When you turn on the lights, your candy corn centerpiece will glow, adding a warm and inviting ambiance to your Halloween decor.

5. Candy Pumpkin Decorating

You'll need: pumpkins, a hot glue gun (or icing), assorted Halloween candy

Give your pumpkins a sweet makeover by decorating them with candy! Use glue or icing to attach candies like M&M's, gummy worms, and licorice laces to your pumpkins. Create faces, patterns, or even colorful designs. It's a fun and unique way to display your love for candy and Halloween.


Are you planning on trying any of these Halloween candy crafts? Let us know in the comments! 🎃🍬🍭

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  • Wendy

    Great ideas! I especially like the candy corn centerpiece…neat!!