Calling All People Who Love Candy

We have one main customer – people who love candy!

We mainly help people make simple days, the holidays, and milestones extra special. What does that mean?

We share our candy expertise and help you create extra special moments. Whether that is creating a candy buffet at your bridal shower, helping you figure out how to throw an amazing 40th birthday party for your bestie with the candy from her childhood, or ordering a candy box subscription that gets sent every month to your grandson at college - with all his favorite candies.

We can go on and on...

Let me tell you a quick story about a specific person we helped.

This year, throughout the pandemic, we helped many people stay in touch with their families. Lois and Bob, a couple in Chicago, sent an Easter box to their daughter in New York this past Easter. Two Easter's in a row they missed being together. So, we put together a special box of Regina's favorites. Easter morning, the family Face-timed as Regina opened the box! They laughed and shared stories as Regina smiled ear to ear as she looked through her box. A new memory was made.

Let me tell you another quick story.

Kristine was getting married. Finally! She had waited a long time for this. And she wanted it to be special. She wanted the wedding she dreamed of since childhood. The dress, and the reception with everyone having a great time dancing. But her one concern was that the guests wouldn't get along. Doesn't everyone worry that their party will be a flop? So, together, we created the most amazing candy buffet. She came up with a list of treats that meant something to each family, and herself and the groom. She had pretty touches, interesting displays, and printed bags with their names. And when that buffet was opened for the guests - wowza! They streamed off the dance floor and gathered. Ooh’s and Aah’s. Something old fashioned, something new, something sweet, something get the idea. Labels on each display had the story behind the candy choice and how it related to them. It was personalized for their special day. The day was a huge, happy, success and candy made it a day to remember!

Some customers know exactly what they want, and sometimes people don't know where to start. It’s easy to help get things going when you are the candy lady!

I help them achieve their goals by providing direction and a way to accomplish their goals. I have the contacts and resources to help. And I care about the success. It's easy. They asked for help and I helped them.

It is so important that customers have excellent experiences. A Candy Buffet is an experience, much like going to the candy store is an experience. It is fun and sentimental. Online we put together nostalgic candies and treats in collections, and customers are able to connect with each other as they enjoy it together.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Have you been to a wedding with a candy buffet? Bat mitzvah or shower? Have you seen the decade candy boxes? What was your experience? Share your story!

Hit reply to respond directly to me.

Tracy Gunn

The Candy Lady

P.S. - Always save room for dessert.


  • Barbara Haskell

    I want candy too but i am waiting for my check to come to cause i only get paid once a month

  • Cynthia Jones

    I want my candy and I am waiting for my check. I want the fudge… Chocolate

  • Amber carr

    I would love to get my free candy for my birthday and more candy but I don’t got the money for the shipping and handling I didn’t get my check I don’t even get to celebrate my birthday so you can keep me on but until I get money I can’t do nothing so I’m probably going to miss out on my free candy