Create a DIY Ice Cream Sundae Bar


Here's a sweet idea...

If you need a treat for your summer party – or even just for family night!– how about a DIY sundae bar?

 It's a treat and an activity all in one – and everyone can personalize it. Your guests will have so much fun designing their own sundae creation. 

And, of course, this involves lots of CANDY. 

Want to make one? Here's everything you'll need! 

Ice cream: Choose a few different flavors to cater to every taste. Classic options like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry are always a hit, but you may want to add some unique flavors too.

Toppings: Start with the basics, like hot fudge, caramel sauce, sprinkles and whipped cream. But then it's time to get creative! We've put together a list of candies to get you started.

🍬 M&M's 

🍬 Reese's Pieces 

🍬 Gummy Bear Cubs 

🍬 Sixlets 

🍬 Dark Chocolate Peanuts 

🍬 Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites 

🍬 Raspberries & Blackberries candy

🍬 Milk Chocolate Espresso Beans 

🍬 Chocolate Animal Crackers

Serving dishes and utensils: Provide bowls or ice cream cones for guests to fill with their personalized ice cream creations. Don't forget to have spoons, scoops, and napkins handy.

Now it's time to set up! Designate a space (such as a large table – or just your countertop) for your ice cream bar.  Place the ice cream flavors in separate containers and arrange the toppings in bowls or small containers, making sure to provide spoons for each topping.

Then the candy extravaganza begin! 

Ice cream + candy = the sweetest way to spend a summer evening. ☀️😎


Are you going to try this? What toppings would you choose? Let us know in the comments! 

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  • Wendy

    Anything with chocolate and peanut butter, please!😋