Let's learn about candy with Life is Sweet: Swedish Fish!

The Swedish Fish


Swedish Fish are a candy store staple. It is a fish-shaped, chewy candy originally developed by Swedish candy producer Malaco in the late 1950's specifically for the U.S. market. When the candy company wanted to expand into North America, they picked a candied fish as a nod to Sweden’s booming fishing industry. Importing these Swedish “fish” into the market of the 1950's added some cache and allure to the product. They were almost immediately popular in the United States and Canada.

“A Friend You Can Eat” – was an initial tagline. How funny is that! That’s one of the perks of the candy industry...it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Swedish Fish are most famous for their red flavor, but they come in other colors too – like green, yellow, and orange. They currently come in two different sizes – a small and a regular, and a few variations - red and assorted. 

I personally like the mini sized red ones as they are more traditional - as I am a sucker for candy traditions. However, a few years ago the released a NEW variation! Chocolate Covered Swedish Fish. While weird initially, these yummy fish are a new way to enjoy an old favorite. 

The red flavor has been long debated and no one has ever confirmed its flavor. I suggest a version of raspberry. The mystery doesn’t seem to matter...and you will see!

This beloved candy staple is the inspiration of many other products, further ensuring their place in our American hearts. 

Here are a few product inspirations!

We <3 <*))swedishfish))-{{

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We <3 <*))swedishfish))-{{

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