Make Life Sweet – May 8th, 2023

It's Time to Get Happy: Here are Five Challenges You Can Do TODAY. 


Did you know? 

Babies smile in the womb. Children smile upwards of 400 times a day. And adults smile... Only 20 times a day? 🙁
We can change this!
The happiest people are those who find joy in the little things. And there are so many little things we can do to make life sweet––every single day. 
Want to Get Happy? 
We have so many ideas to share with you, and you'll find them in every issue of our Newsletter, The Sweet Treat. For are some challenges to get you started.

1. Get Outside 

It may sound cliche...but it's true. It's been scientifically proven that spending time outside boosts your mood! So, here's an idea: commit to spending some time outside every single day. Take a morning walk, read on the porch––whatever. You may find that you're just a little happier! 

2. Do a Random Act of Kindness 

It's no secret that making others happy...makes us happy! We challenge you to do at least one nice thing for someone––every day! How about leaving an encouraging note for a friend? Letting someone skip ahead of you in line? It doesn't have to be complicated!

3. Leave Complaints Behind

We know...this is a hard one. But it will pay off. Every time a complaint crosses your mind, replace it with a positive. You'll see your mood change––guaranteed! 

4. Turn Off Your Electronics 

For one day...or, if you can't do that, even just for a few hours. Turn off your phone, your computer and the TV. Instead, read a book, have a conversation with a friend, or go for a walk!

5. Do Something Just For Fun

Take a moment to reflect: when was the last time you did something just for fun? If you can't think of might be time to work fun into your schedule. Do a painting project, have a self-care night, or plan a spontaneous outing. 


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  • Wendy

    I feel like I smile a lot…definitely more than 20 times per day! Smiling itself can make you happy 😃!!