Make This Candy-Covered Drink For Your Summer Party ☀️🦈

Having a pool party, a Summer birthday or just an outdoor gathering? 

If you can't be on the ocean...this DIY kid-friendly drink is the next best thing. 😊

Kids (and fun-loving adults...) will love sipping on this on a sunny day. And they can even help make it! 

Here's what you'll need: 

☀️ Mason jars (regular glasses will work too!) 

☀️ Granulated sugar 

☀️ Coconut flavoring 

☀️ Citrus-flavored soda

☀️ Ice cubes 

☀️ Blue food coloring

☀️ Fun straws and paper umbrellas 

☀️ Gummy sea creatures!

Here's how to make it:

1. Make a simple syrup. Combine 3 tablespoons of water and 3 tablespoons of sugar in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for about one minute. Stir until dissolved.

2. Make "ocean water." Pour sugar mixture, one teaspoon of coconut extract, three drops of food coloring and two 12-ounce cans of soda into a pitcher. Stir well. This will make four servings, so adjust recipe as needed. 

3. Add candy and serve! Pour drink into ice-filled mason jars or glasses. Add a straw and a cute paper umbrella, if desired. 

Then add your gummies! We used swedish fish, gummy sharks and gummy dolphins. You can drop some to the bottom, add them on top of your ice, or even stick toothpicks in them so they really stand out. 

And then you're done! 

Kids will have so much fun sipping on these "mocktails..." feeling like adults while also having fun with CANDY! 

Want to make them? Here's all of the under-the-sea candy you'll need! 

Gummy Sharks 

Gummy Dolphins 

Swedish Fish 

Gummy Starfish 

Gummy Lobsters 

Gummy Whales 


Are you going to make these? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Wendy

    Yes! Looks so refreshing! And so easy to make. Love it!❤️