Mother's Day Gift List 2023

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14th!

It's time to say "Thank you" to the Moms in your life! 

You need a gift that's as sweet as they are...

So, to make your life easier, we've put together a list of the best Mother's Day treats of 2023. 

And, let's be honest: if they have a sweet's pretty much impossible to go wrong with candy! 

Perfectly Decadent Gifts 

🍫 A Custom Fudge Box 

Does she love fudge? Then a custom fudge box is the answer! You get to choose the flavors––and we have over 19 of them. Homemade fudge is ❤️. 

Click here to create a fudge box!

🍫 Monster Chocolate Turtles 

Our homemade turtles are BIG! Layers of nuts and caramel are coated in rich, creamy chocolate. Just how big are they? You'll have to see for yourself...

Get Monster Chocolate Turtles here!

🍫 Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Bacon slices are smothered in luscious milk, dark or white chocolate. They're salty, savory, and a must-try! If Mom has never tried chocolate-covered bacon (or even if she has) know what you need to do! 

Get Chocolate-Covered Bacon here!

Sweetly Nostalgic Gifts 

🍬 Sky Bars 

Remember the Sky Bar? It's a 4-in-1 chocolate bar that's been around since 1938...and there's nothing else quite like it! Any Mom would love this as a gift. 

Get Sky Bars here!

🍬 An Old-School Candy Box 

Give the gift of sweet memories! This box is full of retro treats––candy cigarettes, pixy sticks, and nostalgic wrapped candy. I bet you have a Mom in your life that will love this! 

Get an Old-School Candy Box here!

Fantastically Fun Gifts  

🍭 A Custom Candy Box 

For the Mom who wants to feel like a kid in a candy can create a Custom Candy Box! We have dozens and dozens of options––from gummies to candy-coated treats. 

Create a Custom Candy Box here!

🍭 The Candy Game 

A gift for the whole family! This is a both a game and box of treats––and it brings you together with loved ones to take a walk down memory lane. It makes a unique, thoughtful gift! 

Get The Candy Game here! 


Feeling inspired? It's time to start shopping for Mom! 😊