Remember Jujyfruits?

These are everyone's favorite (or least favorite)... childhood gummy! 

Do you have any strong memories associated with these colorful, fruit-flavored candies? 

Kids used to choose them when they had loose teeth they wanted out...but maybe that was just an excuse to eat candy. 

They were also a staple of movie theater concessions for decades. Whether you grew up in the '60s, the '70s, the '80s, the ' probably remember munching on these at the movies! 

The most fun thing about Jujyfruits, though, is that the color and shape of each gummy doesn't match up with its flavor. 

Kind of weird, right? 

Even weirder is that some of them are not shaped like fruits at all, but like vegetables. 

The Jujyfruit shapes are: 

1. Asparagus 

2. Grape  

3. Pea Pod 

4. Pineapple 

5. Raspberry 

6. Tomato 

And the flavor options are: 

1. Raspberry 

2. Licorice 

3. Lime 

4. Lemon  

If someone asked you if you wanted an asparagus-shaped, licorice-flavored gummy, you'd probably say no. But works. And that's part of the fun––seeing how many flavor-shape combos can you find. 

So what was the idea behind these fruit-and-vegetable hybrid gummies, anyway? 

We don't really know! 

They were invented by Henry Heide, a German immigrant, in 1920. Like all other candy innovators, he probably wanted to do something no one had done before. And vegetable-shaped candy was certainly a unique idea! 

Whatever their inspiration was, we're glad that Heide created this one-of-a-kind candy. 

Want to take a trip down memory lane? 

Click here to get some Jujyfruits! 


Do you love (or hate) Jujyfruits?

Let us know in the comments!






  • Linda L

    They were so fun to eat as a kid me and my friends would pick our favorites and trade the ones we didnt want to each other

  • Wendy

    I remember loving them except for when they got stuck in my teeth.. .which was always, but I ate them anyway!😄

  • Rosemary Grant

    P . O . Box 319308
    Baton Rouge,La 70831

  • Dawna McDaniel

    Love these candies as a kid back in 60s 😋