Take a walk down memory lane - Candy Buttons!

Remember these? Candy buttons!
candy buttons
Bought by NECCO.
These were a staple for me growing up in the 70’s and 80’s.
They were In every Easter basket and at every picnic.
And you ate the paper usually by accident - as you tried to bite off every dot.
You know - when we were kids - you had to work for the good stuff. Candy Buttons come in two strip sizes: long and short. The long is 22½ inches, while the short is 11¼ inches. NECCO made 750 million candy buttons in the course of a year. Following NECCO's 2018 bankruptcy, Candy Buttons were bought at auction by Cincinnati's Doscher's Candies.They were subsequently the first former Necco candy back to market. Thank goodness! The others are slowly making their way back.
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