The History of Razzles

First it's candy, then it's...

Remember Razzles? 

First it's candy...then it's gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun! 

This doubly-fun candy came out in 1966. It was produced by Fleer, a Philadelphia-based gum company.

If you were around in the '60s or '70s, you might remember one of the ways Fleer marketed Razzles: contests! 

In the late '60s, if you sent in a Razzles wrapper (along with a little excerpt explaining why you loved the candy), you had the chance to win a walkie-talkie. Can you think of a more decade-appropriate prize? 

Kids loved the novelty of Razzles...and the fact that they didn't have to choose between two of their favorite treats.

So how did Fleer come up with that idea, anyway?

Interestingly, the inventor of Razzles was a chemist! His name was Robert C. Bucher, and in 1963, he won a patent for something that had never been done before: he created a treat that was both candy and gum. 

Fleer Company was also the producer of Dubble Bubble––you know, the quintessential bubble gum in the yellow and blue wrapper? Who knew! 

They chose the name "Razzles" because, at the time, they only came in one flavor: raspberry. The candy was also meant to look and feel like a raspberry; the little round discs featured a rasperry-red color and a fruit-like, bumpy texture. 

Strangely enough, though, "Razzles" isn't just an adaptation of the word raspberry. It comes from a made-up flavor that Fleer invented: Razzleberry! The flavor never ended up working out, and it wasn't used––but the name stuck. 

Today, Razzles are owned by Tootsie company, and they come in multiple fun flavors (including sour and tropical varieties). 


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