Top Gummy Trends of 2023

These are new treats that you need to try!

Here's something you might not know...

In recent years, gummies have increased in popularity. In 2022, more people in the U.S bought gummies than in previous years. We're glad more people are realizing how great gummies are. 😊

And here's some more good news: candy-makers are answering the demand! 

There are some new types of gummies on the scene that weren't available a few years ago. 

So, if you're Team Chocolate...maybe these new gummies will to bring you to the other side. (Or at least inspire you to try some cool new treats). 

1. 3D Gummies 

Have you seen these? They're so cool! They're everything you already love about gummies––just three-dimensional. 

They're life-like, which makes them perfect as party decor, dessert toppers...or  the subject of the perfect photo for social media! 

Want to try some? Check out... 

3D Cupcakes 

So colorful––and just like the real thing. 

3D Gummy Gems

These would be so cute as party decor! 

3D Gummy Goldfish 

These are so realistic...and kids will love them. 

3D Monkeys and Bananas

3D monkeys holding 3D bananas. Need we say more?

 3D Chubby Gummy Bears 

These are adorable! 


2. Fun Shapes


Shaped gummies have been around for a while. But there are some awesome new ones that you need to check out. 

Gummy Sneakers 

Gummy Fried Eggs 

Gummy Cola Bottles 

Gummy Butterfiles 


3. Single-Color Gummies 

These are so much fun. They're great for candy buffets (which are also trendy right now) and for parties with a color scheme. They also make the perfect gift––you can surprise someone with their favorite color! 

We sell gummy bears by flavor, so you can choose your favorite––and they're all the same color. 

Here are some of the options: 

Pink Grapefruit Gummy Bears (Pink)

Watermelon Gummy Bears (Blue) 

Strawberry Banana Gummy Bears (White) 

Wild Cherry Gummy Bears (Red) 

Mango Gummy Bears (Yellow)

Apple Gummy Bears (Green) 

Grape Gummy Bears (Purple) 


Are you planning to try out some of 2023's top gummies? Let us know in the comments!


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