Walk down memory lane - 100 Grand Bar!

Remember these? #100grand
100 grand candy bar
They are still pretty popular.
Aren't all the good things?
These take me way back - especially to Halloween 🎃 
After a long night trick or treating - I would dig through my pillowcase full of candy… these babies went right into the freezer.
The candy bar was created in 1964. Its deliciousness includes chocolate, caramel, and crisped rice. Its first slogan was, "Tastes so good it's almost illegal!" Its current slogan is, "That's Rich!"
There is a way to eat this - like oreos.
Step one - freeze.
Step two - Unwrap.
Step three - You nibble the rice and chocolate off one bite at a time.
Step four - Enjoy the caramel center in all its goodness.
Treat yourself... and enjoy!
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