What Are These Things Called, Anyway?!

These were a staple of Penny Candy Stores everywhere...but does anyone really know what they're called?

If you're over the age of 40, you might remember: hot summer days, riding your bike to the store where they sold penny candy, and scrounging up enough change to buy your favorite sweets.

These double-colored lollipops were a familiar staple...and you probably fought with your siblings over the best flavor, too. (Because the blue and pink ones were obviously the best!)

But did you ever find out what these things are called? 

For any of the younger generations reading this: if you show a photo of these to anyone belonging to Generation X, they'll probably say, Oh, I used to love those as a kid! 

But if you ask them to come up with a name...answers may vary. 

And, honestly, that's one of the greatest things about candy nostalgia. You may not associate these candies with a name, but I'm willing to bet you associate them with a ton of fond memories.

Just look at the photo. I'll bet there are images of people and places––maybe even fragments of smells and sounds––flooding into your mind. Isn't it cool how candy can do that? 

You're probably still wondering, though: what ARE they really called? 

They're Smarties Double Lollies! 

If they've always reminded you of Smarties, there's a reason for that. They share the same sour taste and the same chalk-like texture. They're just supersized! 

They're made by the same company as the tiny wafers, which first debuted in 1949. Here's a fun fact: to make the original candies, inventor Edward Dee used a repurposed pellet-making machine from World War II.

But there's something even cooler than that: even after 70 years, Smarties are still owned by the Dee family. The company is operated by Edward Dee's granddaughters, who want to keep his original vision at the forefront of everything they do! 

If that doesn't make you want to buy some Smarties...I don't know what will.

So, by now, you probably want to see where you can get your hands on one of these––for the nostalgia! 

Click here to buy Smarties Double Lollies (and relive your childhood). 


P.S...We would LOVE to hear some of your candy memories. Did you eat Double Lollies as a kid? Did you know what they were called all along? Let us know in the comments! 


  • Melissa Morales

    I loved these and still do and i am 42 i can purchase them at our local dollar generals in Texas

  • Kathleen

    Astro pops

  • Steven Bunn

    They were called Lollies. I sold them at school for a quarter. I payed 10 cents each.

  • Michele Stewart

    I emailed you guys about canceling my order and got nothing

  • Cathy Johnson

    Smarties double lollies?