You've Got Booed...

Shannon here :)

Last year my husband and I became homeowners 🏡

It was pretty amazing! Our official home anniversary is October 26th! Our first Halloween was right around the corner when we moved in!

And... we were BOOED!!!!!

That may sound harsh if you have never heard of such a thing before but it was actually quite amazing and a great welcome into the neighborhood! 

So here is what happens...

1. Someone secretly drops off a treat at your house (mine came in a cute bag but I have also seen a grocery bag used as well) with some candy inside and the two signs.

2. You enjoy the treats and feel warm and happy 🍭

3. Place the "We've been booed" sign on your front door or window.

4. Make two copies of each of the signs and gather two treats.

5. Secretly, place two bags of treats on a neighbors door that have not been booed yet. 

 You've been booed.pdf

We've been booed.pdf


  • Shelley Mucha

    This sounds like a lot of fun

  • Kerry Bennett

    I love your treats! I also love the fact that it’s a variety of stuff and that you don’t know what your getting until you get it each month!

  • Regina Sergent

    I really would love to have a sample bag of your candy it was really good I love can you send a sample bag I would gladly write a really good review on your page